The Case of the Highly Enthusiastic Refrigerator

Hi Home Ec 101,
My fridge had an unexpected surge of over-efficiency and froze a lot of stuff, including 3 dozen eggs. Will they be okay after they thaw (still in the fridge)?
Eggspecting Disappointment

Heather says:
It is not recommended to freeze eggs whole, in the shell, but hang tight before you toss them. The reasoning behind the rule is as the eggs freeze, the liquid expands creating cracks in the shell. These cracks could allow bacteria to enter the egg and can you think of a more perfect growth medium? Yeah, neither can I.

However, I had this happen a few weeks ago, I think one of my minions fiddled with the temperature dial. We had slushy milk and frozen eggs, good times. I didn’t realize the eggs were frozen until I tried to crack one for breakfast. Plonk? That doesn’t sound right. . . it took a moment for my pre-coffee brain to wrap around what had just occured

Since you weren’t looking to freeze the eggs as part of a long term storage problem here’s what I would do. Place the cartons of the accidentally frozen eggs into the freezer and only thaw the  as needed. Don’t use the eggs for any delicate baking, but they will work just fine for french toast, pancakes, or scrambled eggs.

Good luck.

As a side note, I am postponing this week’s Fearless Friday until next week. Mr. Heather has had a lot of overtime and I am still getting used to the new routine. Thank you for understanding

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