Response to a Comment on the Method Clean Happy Sponsored Post

From the comment’s on yesterday’s post: Method. Clean Happy

“I usually gag at sponsored posts, but I am so glad you like Method. I feel a little more justified in buying the All purpose cleaner recently.”

Heather says:

Beth, I totally get it. I try to be really careful with what campaigns I accept. I try to stick to campaigns that provide a benefit for you the reader as much, if not more than a benefit for myself. As an example, last month’s Pork Board promotion had recipes I would have been willing to share on their own, so I didn’t mind doing it as part of a campaign.

When I was contacted about this campaign with Method, “YES!” was out of my mouth before they had even finished saying what they wanted. I liked the brand, I liked the company’s policies even before I visited San Francisco. Now? They’ve created probably their biggest fangirl ever (and they are probably a little bit nervous) although they did hide it well when I peppered them with questions throughout the day.

If you really want to hear the Method story as told by Adam Lowry, you can listen to it here at Stanford’s Entrepreneurial Corner: Method to Success. I think it’s fascinating. Adam is on the right, the other co-founder, Eric Ryan, is the blond on the left, here’s a post by Eric on FastCodeDesign.

Adam and Eric welcomed us to their company. They were there all day asking if our questions were being answered.

Yes, I am being compensated for my time (It’s not like childcare is free when I travel, I mean really, *I* love my kids and take care of them because of that, but can I expect anyone else to do it for love? No, that would be absurd) and yes, although I love it, writing is work, building the Home Ec 101 community has taken more than 5 years of effort, and that time and energy does have value.

The education I received as part of the Method Summit experience was invaluable. I cannot wait to share with you guys information on the kitchen anti-bac product. I finally, after five years of having to fall back on the safest, even if it is the least optimal when it comes to the environment choice of chlorine bleach, have something I can recommend -and feel completely safe to do so. Do you have any idea how big this is to me?

Yes, I know that food grade hydrogen peroxide can be used, but it’s just not a practical choice for many households for several reasons -access, it breaks down over time, and it must be diluted properly and given time to take effect. There are just too many places where something could go wrong.

Yes, white vinegar is an acceptable disinfectant in many cases, but it’s just not enough in others. One of my biggest fears here at is that I will give advice that could cause someone to get sick. Food poisoning, especially for those who are immunodeficient or suppressed, is not something to be taken lightly. I cannot know who is reading the information that I post here on and I must take safety as a primary consideration. I know I could disclaim away that readers should do their own research, but wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of writing Home-Ec 101?

It is my job to do the research and share the information in an enjoyable, digestable, and accurate format.

Sometimes I can do this in partnership with a brand and in all honesty, I am extremely proud that Method invited me to be a part of their Clean Happy campaign and I want to thank you, Beth, for taking the time to acknowledge that it made you feel better about your purchasing decision.

If you want to feel even better about choosing Method, read some of Adam Lowry’s posts on and definitely listen to that podcast I shared earlier in the post.

While I have a relationship with Method, this post was not sponsored.


  1. Krys on April 4, 2012 at 9:58 am

    I’m a big fan of Method’s foaming hand soaps and their wood floor cleaner smells divine.  I haven’t tried any of their other products, though.  Your “fangirl” status is definitely making me think it’s time to give them a shot!
    Thanks for taking your readers’ best interests to heart in all that you do here.  It’s refreshing and much appreciated!!

  2. Mares on March 13, 2012 at 4:09 pm

    I appreciate campaigns, learning about products I might not have tried before. I’ve seen Method, but dismissed the line as a generic brand sold at Target, as that is the only place I’ve seen the brand, so I’m learning something new. I tend to avoid new trends, stick with what I know works, as long as the price doesn’t get outrageous. For example, I used the same detergent for 6 years, until the price forced me to look elsewhere. I use vinegar for cleaning, and other natural ingredients for cleaning, as well as a few brand cleaning products.

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