Acrylic Flooring Part Deux, Why Do We Do This Again?

Dear Home Ec 101,

I like your suggestion of using an acrylic polish, but the PLEDGE web site I saw said:
“Pledge® FloorCare Multi Surface Finish should be removed from your floor every 6 to 8 applications, or annually, with a solution of 1 cup ammonia and 1/4 cup Pledge® FloorCare Multi Surface Concentrated Cleaner in 1/2 gallon cool water.

Dealing With Too Much Stuff

Dear Home Ec 101
The article I read about a mother with 3 children with a baby on the way felt her house. Work was not getting done as she would like. You said your life has changed and yet you still do you regular cleaning.

How to Fry an Egg

Heather says:

Today we’re covering fried eggs -as new projects to procrastinate develop- I’ll also address: scrambled eggs, omelets, frittatas, quiche, and my as yet unnamed hybrid of the three techniques that feeds my family on a busy evening when I have no interest in effort.

Laundry and the Great Diaper Blowout

Dear Home-Ec 101,

I’m a brand new mom and I need to know if it is okay to wash clothes that have suffered through a diaper leak with the rest of the baby clothes. How do I make sure that poop (sorry!) doesn’t get all over the washer and the rest of our stuff without resorting to throwing away the outfit?

A Call for Your Questions

Heather says:

The questions answered here at Home Ec 101 come from a variety of sources:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • IRL friends
  • email to
  • my weirdo imagination

I know the past couple of years have been a little different around here. I’m glad the bulk of you stuck around through it.