The Ants Come Marching One by One

Terro Ant Bait

Okay, so. I hate ants. Hate. Hate.My realistic side knows the fact that I have ants in my house right now has more to do with the heat, humidity and rain than my house being messy or full of crumbs (otherwise they'd be in my kitchen, right?). I have been using a spray that is kid and pet safe but it only works for a short period of time... and ...

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Crockpot Friendly Sticky Chicken Recipe


Heather saysI honestly don't know why this recipe is called "sticky chicken", I have the feeling it is a recipe that has evolved over the years and doesn't exactly resemble its origins or maybe it was a family nickname. This recipe for chicken in the crockpot was a favorite on a message board I frequented a decade ago and the printed out scrap ...

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Menu Monday – Back to School

Cover Home Ec 101

Heather says It's that day of the year, when I try to have everyone look their best and start out with all of the correct school supplies (I'm sorry teachers, but there were NO blue, vinyl, two pocket and pronged folders anywhere to be found, please deal with the black folder. It's my fault not his.) and get out the door on time. It's ...

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A Guide to Kitchen Disinfection

How to sanitize your kitchen safely and easily

Hi Home-Ec 101,I just read your article on Hydrogen Peroxide. I just love your website!I was wondering what you use to disinfect/sanitize your kitchen counters with. I am trying to find something natural and am having a hard time finding information on what actually kills bacteria, germs, etc.I read one way to kill bacteria/germs is to ...

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Buffalo Chicken Dip


 Heather says:Buffalo chicken dip is a favorite around here. It's also ridiculously simple and worth knowing how to make in case you're ever invited to a sportsball  potluck type event. Go team go.I've had buffalo chicken on the brain recently and I was poking around Plain Chicken -a client from my day job and remembered that I've been ...

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