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Hurricane Matthew – What We Learned

Weathering the hurricane Matthew storm itself wasn't that bad for us, but here's things I will do before the next approaching storm.

Heather says I hope everyone is doing as well or better than can be expected. Last week, starting on Tuesday, it became readily apparent that Hurricane Matthew was coming for a visit. It was Thursday before we had a good idea of the type of visit he’d be paying. We spent the week debating whether…

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Emergency Preparedness Refresher

Heather says This is my dad’s neighborhood. No one got hurt, but it took me a couple of days to finally reach him to hear this first hand. The cell towers near their home were damaged and without power and only cordless phones, I couldn’t reach them via their landline. They are able to stay in…

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It’s Time Again for Hurricane 101

Heather says: June 1st marks the beginning of hurricane season. For those of us on the East and Gulf Coasts, we know this means anxious meteorologists glorifying every thunderstorm that appears in the oceans. Although the public tends to become jaded with media saturation, there is no reason to get caught with your pants down.…

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Water Storage Solution for Hurricane Preparedness

The Aquapod Kit is a preparedness water solution to the whole, "But I don't have enough space to store a two week supply of water for my family of six."

Heather says: This year, after doing my annual Hurricane Preparedness Reminder, I was contacted by David Dodgen of AquaStorage, creators of the Aquapod Kit. The Aquapod Kit is a water storage solution to the whole, “But I don’t have enough space to store a two week supply of water for my family of six.” (Quick…

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Share Your Emergency Budget Ideas

Heather says: I talked about this yesterday on the Facebook Fanpage, but I thought it would be a good idea to continue the discussion over here. is an apolitical site; this means that neither party will get an endorsement, political bashing is not allowed, and for the most part I really hope that political…

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How to Use Powdered Milk to Save Money

Heather says: The ideas in this post may not be of immediate use for you. Many of you will say, it would take more time than the savings provide. That may be true for where you are today, but you never know what information you may need in the future. Just mentally file it away…

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5 Reasons to Have Renters Insurance

I’m still on the road, hanging out in Minnesota. The lovely Louise Baker offered to guest post and I gratefully accepted. Enjoy! It’s important to know when you’re moving into a new rental home or apartment, your landlord carries insurance only on his building. It’s up to you to insure anything inside by purchasing renters…

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How Long Will Dry Cereal Last

Dear Home Ec 101, I’m just starting to get into building an emergency pantry and there’s a great sale on my kids’ favorite cereals. I was thinking of using the sale and coupons to lay in a good supply for the pantry, but I don’t know how long the cereal will last on the shelf.…

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Home Preservation and Pressure Canning

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Dear Home-Ec 101: I’m taking your advice about building an emergency food supply seriously. I’d like to do some of it by canning and preserving foods from my own garden. Besides pickles, jams and jellies, (which are yummy, but don’t exactly fill a belly) what kinds of foods should I be growing so that I…

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Cooking Without Power, Using a Charcoal Grill

This post is part of the Home Ec 101 series on emergency preparedness. Heather says: Keep a charcoal grill for emergencies, sounds simple enough, but what if you’ve never used one? A charcoal grill is for outdoor use only. Got that? Outdoor only. Every time there is a hurricane or ice storm someone hurts themselves or…

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Bare Minimum Pantry Supplies for Black-Outs

The topic of emergency preparedness can be quite overwhelming, over the next few weeks I’ll be covering different aspects of how individuals and families can be more prepared for some emergencies. Emergency preparedness is a practical, low cost insurance policy. Just like car, home, or renters insurance, we may never need it, but that doesn’t…

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Stocking the Emergency Pantry

Dear Home Ec 101, I’m a big proponent of buying local, is there a way to do this and still create a pantry? Signed, Sunny Days, Sweeping the Clouds Away Heather says: Let’s look at it this way. Prioritize food in this manner, according to budget and time. Fresh and local is optimal1, organic, frozen,…

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Emergency Water Conservation: How To Hand Wash Dishes

how to hand wash dishes

Dear Home Ec 101, Here’s a question for those of us in Nashville who are conserving water due to the flood, what’s the best way to conserve water while washing dishes? I know the dishwasher is out. Should we wash dishes individually, or do the whole fill-up-the-sink-with-water thing? Does that really get dishes clean? It…

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