Countdown to Turkey Day 2011: November 3

Heather says:

Thanksgiving will be here in three weeks.

If you have company coming, now is not the time to launch any big home improvement type projects. I’m not talking about necessary repair, if you have a hole in your roof, by all means get it fixed. If you’ve never played host over a holiday, don’t add in the stress of painting a room or gutting a bathroom over the next few weeks.

You see that handy post-it in the upper right?* Those chores will take you through your house or apartment three times before Thanksgiving arrives. Add in 10 – 15 minutes of The Secret to a Clean Home every day and your home will be company ready long before Thanksgiving gets here.

If you’re a novice cook and you’ve never cooked for company or even roasted a chicken, you have homework. It’s time you learn how to roast a chicken. This is great practice for learning how to roast a turkey, as the concept is pretty much transferable.  I’ve already made four turkeys this year, so I’m all set on that front.



I’m currently in LA for a blogging conference, I don’t get back until Sunday night. Wednesday I leave for NYC where I’ll be with Cooking With the Troops for Veteran’s Day. To say things are hectic would be an understatement.

My house is currently NOT company ready.

If nothing else, know that I’m in the same boat as you, I get busy and I sometimes let my routines slide. I’ll be working hard to get myself back into the normal swing of things as my favorite holiday approaches.

So, if your house is a disaster

And you don’t know where to begin, check out Getting Started on Your Messy House or start with the sink. You’ve got three weeks which is a lot of time, provided a little work is done every day. Still feeling discouraged check out: Feeling Desperate

You are not alone.

Hang in there.

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  1. KeterMagick on November 3, 2011 at 2:56 pm

    While it’s not a suitable long-term solution, using plastic crates to contain clutter can give you a serious kickstart on cleaning and organizing for a special event. It will get the stuff out of the way so you can function again, and if stored neatly in a seldom used area of the house, won’t be a dead giveaway that you recently had a messy house. Just be sure to make a contract with yourself (and stick to it!) to go through at least one box a week after the holidays and find permanent homes for the contents or to get rid of it. This solution also works well to secure collectibles, hobby items, and other things that should not be accessible when children visit a home that is usually inhabited by just adults. Drape a blanket, piece of fabric, or a clean tarp over the boxes to discourage curiosity.

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