Countdown to Turkey Day 2008: November 20

Heather says:

There is only one week left until Thanksgiving. Today we have a few items to cover. First, your mission is to create a cooking schedule. Look at your menu and recipes. What dishes can be made the night or even a few days before? Write clearly and post the schedule in a prominent place. This is especially important if you are hosting a large gathering. If someone offers to be helpful it’s much easier to ask them to consult your plan than to try to explain what you need while you are measuring ingredients or during other awkward moments. To make it even easier for those who wish to help, print your recipes or instructions and keep them in a folder. If everything is a hit, you’ll be prepared for next year. 

Do you have room for your turkey to thaw? If your turkey is 20 – 24lbs the USDA guidelines suggest 5 – 6 days to ensure that bad boy is completely thawed. A thawed turkey can be stored 1 – 2 days, so you can put it in the refrigerator today.

If your home is generally clean just try to keep it that way. If you live in a disaster area and are still planning on having guests begin cleaning the public areas today. Bedrooms and closets can be closed off, so they are not high on the priority list. For the best impression, clean the kitchen (so no one gets sick), the bathroom (same reason), the dining room, and any other room where people may congregate. Tackle one room a day and each evening do a walk through and make sure they are still in order.

Help me Heather and Ivy, I just found your site, what should I do to play catch up?

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  1. Stephanie on November 20, 2008 at 4:18 pm

    Bought the turkey last night. Kroger has a fabulous special going on now! In the process of making dough to freeze for rolls. and pie dough and the schedule are next on the list, but the house?! Good Lord I will be shutting doors! 🙂

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