Weekly Project #2: The great laundry debacle

Ivy says:

This week’s project is going to be loads of fun. Well, loads of something, anyway. Yes, Home Eccers, it’s time to actually catch up on the laundry once and for all, and get rid of all non-fitting, ugly, stained, or otherwise not-fabulous clothing. Let’s look at the schedule, shall we?

Monday: The gathering phase. This is my least favorite part. It’s not so bad when you just take baskets of clothing into the laundry room and do the laundry. No, since this is a special project, our goal is to find all the laundry. This includes all laundry hiding out under the bed, in the bathroom, on the closet floors, everywhere. I didn’t wait to start the laundry until I had it all gathered, either. I threw in a load first thing this morning. Since it’s really hot here, I’m drying about half the loads outside and drying half the loads inside.

Tuesday: The already-clean clothes fashion show. When I do each load, I’m asking the kids if the clothing fits, if they like it, etc. But my husband is off on Tuesday, so we’ll do his clothes while he’s home. Also, I’ll go into the kids’ drawers and closets and go through that stuff. That’s where I expect to find the most stuff to get rid of.

Wednesday: Donation day #1. All the stuff that’s nice enough to donate will be donated. All the stuff that’s not nice enough is going to either be made into rags or thrown away. Because, really, how many rags do you really need?

Thursday: Finishing up odds and ends. By then I should have the laundry finished, so I’m going to finish up anything else that’s not finished and get the little stuff like potholders and rag rugs and wash them. I’m also going to thoroughly clean my laundry room, which also happens to be where the cat boxes reside. Ewww.

Friday: Donation day #2 and shopping. I’m going to go through the house completely and make sure there’s nothing left to be donated. It always seems like I somehow manage to leave a bag behind, but this time I’m not going to. I’m also going to stop at the thrift shops to pick up any items we’re seriously short on. For example, I know my daughter will be needing some more shorts. She just sprung up a size out of nowhere and has been lamenting that she only has jeans that fit her. We’ll fix that on Friday.

On Saturday and Sunday, I’ll  be relaxing!

What are you working on this week, Home Eccers?


  1. Miss Genevieve on June 18, 2008 at 10:15 am

    When I finish {is there ever really an end!?!} going through the kids clothes {and my husbands and mine} I take them to a local consignment shop {check the phone book to find one}. That way I get a couple of bucks back for the items I’ve bought to put towards the new items I need to buy. I figure I paid for it in the first place. Why not? The items the shop doesn’t take, I bring to Goodwill.

    Also, when I shop at Goodwill I go to the one in the more well to do area of town. It has a better selection of stuff.

  2. Lee on June 18, 2008 at 8:07 am

    This week is kitchen cabinet week. Take everything out, throw out old food, donate excess glassware and mugs. Clean cabinets inside and out. Put everything back!

    My inspiration? Last week there was a terrible smell coming from one of my lower cabinets. Came to find that an OLD can of sauerkraut was leaking. Why I had canned sauerkraut…I can’t tell you. It was as if the kitchen gods were tapping me on the shoulder.

    I’m sure I’ll find other fun surprises, too. Wish me luck!

  3. mom23guys1girl on June 17, 2008 at 12:53 pm

    I love to see that you shop at thrift shops for your kids also. I have four kids who constantly outgrow clothing and the local Salvation Army has a 1/2 price day on Wednesdays called Family Day, where you can get all your clothing and shoes for 1/2 off. It is great and a great way to supplement your stock of clothing. My husband is embarrassed about my shopping there, but I pick out nice clothes and the kids love them. He (my husband) is slow to hand out money for anything, so I can use my own meager earnings and buy tons of clothing that the kids love. What is wrong with that. Thanks for sharing your laundry tips this week.

  4. Tracy on June 17, 2008 at 10:06 am

    My washer doesnt work very well anymore. I do laundry every other day for 3 people because my loads have to be light. I hang everything on the line even during the winter except for my personal cloths a.k.a. peepee cloths. They only take 10 mins. in the dryer. Anything heavy has to go to the laundry mat. I do everything in one shot there about once a month.

  5. themomhalf on June 17, 2008 at 7:54 am

    Strange that we would have similar projects going at the same time!

    I’m hanging all the cloths on the laundry line, and then sorting them for keepers and donations. I also when thru all the children’s rooms

    I have a plan for 5 loads a day for a week. Seems like a lot but here it is:

    day 1 I started with one load of laundry that had 3 sets of cloths for all the kids (3 children), and 2 sets for myself.
    – next load has washcloths and towels
    – next is bed sheets
    – next is small comforters (ie: baby crib stuff)
    – last is the cloths we wore today

    day2 – each load is someones comforter (3 total) – i started with mine, it’s the biggest -and my washing machine can only handle one comforter at a time, so it is an easy day
    – one load of cloths for the child #3 (age 3)
    -last load is again what we wore today

    day 3 – 2 loads of cloths for each of the older children
    – again last load cloths we all wore today – by the way this is run at bed time so it’s the first load on the line in the morning

    day 4 – towels/washcloths/rags
    – 2 loads my cloths
    – one load socks – most probably a mid-size load
    – cloths we wore today

    day 5 finish up

    I started this project last week, we got stuck on the day 3 laundry, and we are trying to get back on track today.

  6. mom, again on June 16, 2008 at 4:04 pm

    when deciding what isn’t good enough to donate: remember you can go pretty low on the scale. What can’t be sold in stateside thrift shops is shipped overseas, where the need is great, and the kids aren’t so picky.

    What am I doing this week? Lease is up end of July, so I’m house hunting. So glad I can do this online nowadays. I can get a good idea of the house and neighborhood and don’t have to traipse around meeting agents unless something seems very likely. Used to hate driving up to a house and knowing it was no go, but at least having to wait for the agent to tell them so.

  7. Tink on June 16, 2008 at 2:33 pm

    Closet organizing.

    I bought one of thesefor our closet a year ago and fell in love!

    Easy to install, no cutting, ONE measurement, and a year later my bedroom closet is still organized.

    scary stuff 🙂

    I just ordered another one from Amazon. (best deal on these things anywhere, and free shipping) Time to do the off season closet.

  8. Mom of three on June 16, 2008 at 2:29 pm

    Recouperating from mom’s visit. And trying to get ready for VACATION! Son had to go to cardiologist this morning. He’ll need to have a procedure done in the next few weeks as well. So just trying to get caught up.

    Did the clothes thing a few weeks ago.Took out what was a size too small, and put them away, and now only have what fits. Then I lost 4 pounds, and these are getting loose. LOL Won’t be long before these can go to goodwill, and those can go back in the closet.

  9. Shanele on June 16, 2008 at 2:13 pm

    With our children out of town this week, my husband and me are redoing their playroom!! I do work full time, so most of the project will be done in the evenings. We’re painting, organizing, etc…I am very excited!

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