The Great Pre-Christmas Toy Clean-out

retrochick.JPGIvy says:

If you haven’t done this already, this weekend would be a great time to go through all the kids’ toys and  get rid of anything broken, anything they don’t play with, anything they just have too much of (my daughter had approximately 1,493 stuffed animals before we cleaned out her room), and anything else the kids choose to get rid of. You’ll find that this is the easiest time of the year to get the kids to get behind getting rid of their toys, since they know new ones are just around the corner.

While you’re cleaning out the kids’ rooms, go ahead and take a quick cruise through their clothing as well. Even if you’ve fairly recently done this when switching from summer to winter clothing, you’d be surprised at what you might find that needs to go.


  1. SAHMmy Says on December 4, 2007 at 6:04 pm

    Great timing for this tip! My 3 year old loves even the lamest Happy Meal toy so I’ve had a hard time getting him to let anything go. I keep talking and praying about children who don’t have as many nice things, good food to fill their tummies, and parents who love them as we do–he’s getting the point and recently offered up several of his toys to give away! A lesson in giving and Mommy gets more space (which of course Santa will fill with more stuff!)

  2. Margo on December 2, 2007 at 9:33 pm

    It feels good to get this chore done, and the kids appreciate what they have so much more!!!

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