Feeling Desperate

The holidays are here and it's the first time I've dealt with them after a year losses and huge life changes. I thought now would be a good time to revisit this post on feeling desperate. Please remember, if you ever do feel completely lost, help is available, whether it's through IAmAlive.org, 1-800-SUICIDE, 211, or reaching out to a friend. You … [Read more...]

So, Are You Like Martha Stewart? Donna Reed?

Heather says: When people ask what I do, after I joke about working in a bar, describe my job at FeedBlitz, talk about my app, I then have to explain Home-Ec101. This happens a lot and generally I get the confused puppy head-tilt. I run a website on home economics -head tilt- I write about lifeskills for adults -increased angle of said head … [Read more...]

Food for Thought

Heather says: It's been a long time since I have brought up my thoughts on why I believe cooking "from scratch" is a vital life skill. Notice I didn't say important, I said vital. Over the weekend I had to spend some time in the car, so I loaded up a couple of podcasts, as I tend to do. The first one is only tangentially related to today's … [Read more...]

Obvious as a Heart Attack? Know the Warning Signs, Save a Life

Bobbie says: As you probably know, February is Heart Month - all month long there have been events & promotions to turn everyone's attention toward heart health. Since this is a leap year, today is like a Bonus Day - so I thought I'd share my story. I feel like the rest of my life is Bonus Days, because I would not be here now if I hadn't … [Read more...]

The Dangerous Comparison Game


From a recent comment here on Home-Ec 101, I have one child that lives at home and a teenager that moves in and moves out lol, and also another child that is with me every other weekend. When I get my house clean, it stays that way for a couple of days then it's dirty again. I am also a single stay-at-home-mom and I homeschool my youngest … [Read more...]