Hard Water Deposits in a Toilet Bowl


Dear Home-Ec 101, During the walk-through when we purchased our current home, we flushed our toilets, but did not raise the lids. After we moved in, to our horror, two of our toilets were gross! First problem, I am told that it is hard water deposits, so when toilet waste is flushed down, stuff catches on the way down. I have been able to … [Read more...]

How to Clean a Very Dirty Toilet

Dear Home Ec 101, How do I clean a really gross toilet? It has all that yellow and brown crud inside that just won't come off. I heard that pumice stones scratch the porcelain and only make it worse. Please HELP! Signed, Skeeved in Skaneateles Heather says Since people searching for how to clean a really dirty toilet may have a … [Read more...]

The Unappreciated Importance of Regular Toilet Cleaning

Dear Home Ec 101, I have a 9 month old baby girl and as she is becoming more mobile, it is becoming a lot more important to me to keep things really clean. She loves crawling into the bathroom and playing with those little plastic screw covers at the base of the toilet and as much as I try to wipe down that area it is never really free of grime … [Read more...]

Pink Shower Mold, What is It? How do I get rid of it?

Dear Home Ec 101, We keep getting these pale pinkish stains on the shower curtains and at the base of the tub… Our neighbor has the same issue, and he thinks it’s metal in the Mt P. water supply. Could it be mold? I’ve found a weak bleach solution or most any bath cleaner completely fades the stains without much scrubbing - but the spots … [Read more...]