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Cleaning The Bathroom: A Home-Ec 101 Guide

If guests are coming over the bathroom is the first room I head to with cleaning supplies. It definitely helps to give it some attention weekly, and once I met a woman that wiped hers down daily so she never had heavy cleaning in the bathroom. Whatever your choice is – or if it’s a…

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Hard Water Deposits in a Toilet Bowl

Dear Home-Ec 101, During the walk-through when we purchased our current home, we flushed our toilets, but did not raise the lids. After we moved in, to our horror, two of our toilets were gross! First problem, I am told that it is hard water deposits, so when toilet waste is flushed down, stuff catches…

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How to Clean a Very Dirty Toilet

Dear Home Ec 101, How do I clean a really gross toilet? It has all that yellow and brown crud inside that just won’t come off. I heard that pumice stones scratch the porcelain and only make it worse. Please HELP! Signed, Skeeved in Skaneateles   Heather says: Since people searching for how to clean…

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