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How Does Your Water Affect Your Laundry?

Dear Home-Ec 101, I have well water and found out that using bleach in the wash will turn my cloths brownish. And yes they have become dingy and not as bright.  What can I use, if anything, to make them white again or keep this from happening again to newer cloths I get? And also…

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Hard Water and Dark Laundry

Dear Home Ec 101, I am very careful about how I wash my darks in order to avoid fading – washing them only in cold water, air drying or drying on the lowest setting. Despite this I feel my darks are fading much sooner than they should. Any suggestions? Signed, Dull in Duluth Heather says…

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I can see clearly now the spots are gone

Another good comment: I’ve always hated cleaning shower walls – they just seem so impossible to clean. And now we have a shower stall with clear doors that shows spots from our hard water in DAYS (even with squeegee-ing after every shower). And if I really want to get them off, I have to scrub…

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