Nutella No Bake Oatmeal Cookies

Heather says:

I was recently thinking about ways to incorporate Nutella into every day? (Kidding, but what day isn’t improved with a spoonful or pretzel-ful of this stuff?) Why not use Nutella in my favorite cookie of all time? If the Santa Claus in your household is a fan of Nutella and a fan of No Bake Oatmeal Cookies, I can pretty much guarantee extra presents for the good little boy or girl who leaves Nutella No Bake Oatmeal cookies out with a glass of milk.

Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches

retrochick.JPGMichele says:

I’m sure most of you would agree with me if I said that nothing is tastier than an ice cream sandwich on a hot summer’s day.  It’s cold, it’s creamy, and it conjures up memories of childhood summers spent chasing down the ice cream man. 

What to Do With a Too Sour Lemon Cake

Dear Home-Ec 101,

I have made good lemon cake. Problem is it’s too sour. Any sauce
I can use that complements lemon cake? I am from South
Africa. Thank you.

Tart in Tembisa

Heather says:

Thank you for writing in, I love hearing from Home-Eccers all over the world.

Crunchy Nut Toffee Recipe and Candy Thermometer Calibration

Bobbie says:

Buttery, crunchy, goodness topped with chocolate and nuts. What’s not to love? Not much, in my mind, even without the chocolate. Toffee is an excellent example of the whole being greater than the sum of the parts. Greater, delicious-er, abundantly gift-worthy and not too difficult to master.

Chocolate Biscotti Recipe

Heather says:

What’s your favorite cookie? Mine is the very simple chocolate biscotti. I prefer this recipe without the chocolate chips and with the walnuts, but since I was making it for the family, they got it their way.

Biscotti is actually an ancient technique for making food fit for travel.