Can I Mix [cleaning product] with Bleach

Dear Home Ec 101,
I love your site! Love the 50′s look!
I want to mop with bleach once a month to help keep our grout white, but mopping with bleach and water does not seem to clean the floor well.

How to Use Rubbing Alcohol Safely

Heather says:

This is another post in the series on household chemicals. Rubbing alcohol is frequently recommended by frugal and green bloggers for use as household cleaner.

Rubbing alcohol a general term that most often refers to isopropanol, but can also refer to ethanol.

Oxygen Bleach an Introduction


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Welcome to the second installment of the Series on Common Household Chemicals.

I think I was a kid when Billy Mays first showed up on my radar. He pitched Oxyclean late into the night and I’d sit there fascinated watching the red swirl away and magically disappear.

How to Use Bleach Safely

Heather says:

This is the first in a new series on household chemicals.

Over the past few years, I have gotten the impression that many people are using chlorine bleach¹ in an unsafe manner. Chlorine bleach aka sodium hypochlorite is a powerful disinfectant and is one of only a few widely available, inexpensive sanitizing agents.