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How to Use Bleach Safely

Heather says: I received a concerning email, yesterday, that made me realize it was time to send this post out again as a reminder. This is the first in our series on household chemicals. Over the past few years, I have gotten the impression that many people are using chlorine bleach in an unsafe manner. Chlorine…

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Household Chemicals: A Home-Ec 101 Guide

Chemical-based cleaners can be a big help with cleaning and disinfecting surfaces in your home. If used improperly, household chemicals can be dangerous. Below are articles about many common cleaners and how to use them safely.  Click on the titles to read the entire articles.   How to Use Chlorine Bleach Safely Chlorine bleach aka…

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Oxygen Bleach an Introduction

Heather says: Welcome to the another installment of the series on Common Household Chemicals. I think I was a kid when Billy Mays first showed up on my radar. He pitched Oxyclean late into the night and I’d sit there fascinated watching the red swirl away and magically disappear. Oxyclean is just a brand name for…

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