Q-Tips Quick Tip: Detail Your Car

Heather says:

Here we go, it’s the final installment of Quick Tips from Q-Tips® . You’re excited, I can see it in the way your eyes shine. . . And hey, I’ve come a long way over the past year with talking on camera. Maybe I’ll eventually get around to making it a regular thing. Heck, if you want, send me a video question and I’ll do my best to respond in a timely manner, kind of like the end of that cooking show that is always on when I go to the allergist. What’s her name? She’s got dark hair? We can totally pull that off.

Q-Tips Precision Tips are great for detailing all of those tiny crevices in your vehicle. Since I always used to get the Armor All Spray all over the windshield I switched over to the wipes and have never looked back. When the air vents in my car need (okay so I should probably define need as, get really disgusting) I use an Armor-Alled Q-Tip to get those places my grown up fingers can’t fit and the child labor always overlooks (those would be my minions, no one else’s).

To celebrate the final installment of Quick Tips from Q-Tips®  we’re (Q-Tips®  and I) are giving away 3 $50 Amazon gift cards, selected by random drawing.

So cool, right?

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This post was sponsored by Q-Tips, all opinions, especially the inappropriate joke about child labor are mine.


  1. MariaKunze says

    I use Qtips to wash the part picture glass & mirrors that are right next to the frame – where the cloth just can’t get close enough.

  2. BeccaW says

    Back when I had babies (and not Elementary aged kiddos) I used Qtips to clean the nipples on the bottles.  The tippity top of the nipples would get quite funky and it seemed like the wire brush nipple-cleaners could be really rough on them and tear the top, sometimes.

  3. KCDebi says

    Sounds like I’m not the only one who cleans the windshield, cleans the dash, then has to clean the windshield – again. :)

  4. ConnieVerKuilenHolt says

    I use Q-Tips dipped in Simple Green to clean the front vents of my over the range microwave. Looks similar to a car air conditioning vent and works great.

  5. TeresaRoth says

    I used Q-tips dipped in rubbing alcohol to clean up our old toaster oven before giving it away to a family member.  It helped get all the little nooks and crannies clean and grease free.  My husband uses Q-tips to clean the fan vents on his computer.  We use them for cleaning our gadgets all the time.

  6. QuiltinJenny says

    I think my favorite was the rubbing alcohol on the computer, but this one comes in a close second.  I now keep a bowl of Q-tips next to the computer for when I’m on hold or waiting for a video to load, etc.Also, I love seeing you on the videos! 

  7. idahojill says

    I love all of the Qtip…tips.  I was just thinking today how dusty the car is inside (really – I was sitting in the garage and went back in to get a rag…wiped down the dash, etc., then left…but at every stoplight I was cleaning something else I saw in the car!)  I will need to get the qtips out when I get home to finish the job :)

  8. CMarie says

    Thanks for the giveaway.  I was inspired by your q-tip laundry room tip to use q-tips to clean around the base of the faucet in my bathroom.  it worked better and was much less disgusting than using my fingernails which is generally my go-to strategy for hard-to-reach places.

  9. KeterMagick says

    You are getting good with the videos!  :)  This week is “wax all the wood” week at my house, so I used Q-Tips to get Howard Feed-n-Wax (http://www.howardproducts.com/) into all the corners and crevices of my furniture, window frames, and  carved wood decorations.  I dust first with a dollar store boar bristle paint brush, and then have at with microfiber cloth soaked with Feed-n-Wax.  As a last step, I dip a Q-Tip into the Feed-n-Wax to get into any spots the microfiber cloth missed.

  10. SheriGrennille says

    I just got a new car and this is a great idea for keeping it clean – it’s a lease so i feel like i need to be a tad neater in it than my 14 year old honda.

  11. RevancheGS says

    @HeatherSolos I am rather sad I can’t comment as I don’t like the lack of simple username/url commenting option. Have had probs w/least

  12. gonnia says

    I love to clean with qtips….but I become so obsessive cleaning the insides and corners of everything. Ocd cleaning rampage with my qtip box.

  13. J. Grab says

    Q-tips for that shower vent. You know the one.
    The one only you look up at while showering and realize
    “I really ought to clean that, I will do that when I get out of the shower.”

    Anytime now.

  14. Lookingbird says

    I’m loving all these uses for Q-tips, I am feeling inspired to go fetch the box out of the bathroom. The kiddo and I are cleaning out the car today!

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