Partially Frozen Turkey?

Dear Home-Ec 101,

I bought a fresh turkey yesterday just so I don’t have to deal with the thawing issue. Well after handing it to my husband once I got home, he then put it in our deep freezer! I realized this 4am in the morning, so ran to the garage and pulled it out. It seems pretty frozen. It’s now in the fridge but I’m not sure what to do since I can’t tell if it’s frozen solid. Do you know how long it takes to freeze a turkey solid. My turkey is 14lbs. I guess my only options would be to thaw the turkey out in cold water since I don’t have enough time to do it in the fridge.


Frazzled in Frampton

Heather says:

You are on the right track choosing to thaw your turkey with the water bath method. I don’t know how long your turkey was in the deep freeze, but I’m betting it was long enough to fully freeze, unless you were out shopping late in the evening.

Stick to the usual guideline of 20 minutes per pound. After 5 hours, go ahead and put the thawed turkey in the refrigerator where it will be just fine too cook on Thanksgiving day.

Isn’t it frustrating when our best efforts are foiled by the well-meaning?

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