Money Saving Tips: Shop from the Store Circular

Heather says:
Some will scoff at this article saying, “That’s for noobs.” They may be right, but it’s a great article for people just looking into reducing their grocery budget.

What’s the next step after planning your menu?

Planning your menu from the circular.

Check out The Centsible Life for tips:

One week we took meal planning to a new, entertaining level. Instead of simply buying things we needed for each meal, on sale if we could, we would plan our entire week’s meals using the circular from our favorite grocery store. We chose one store – that was an important step for us – more than one was too complex, but if you can handle it you’ll save even more money.

Each and every Tuesday the circular arrives in our mailbox. And each week we follow these steps – it’s really simple, you’ll love this.

via Save on Groceries: Meal Planning from the Circular — the ¢entsible life.

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