Happy Halloween From Home Ec 101!

Ivy says:

No, I’m not dead, or even undead! Just getting ready for the scariest Halloween ever in which my in-laws are coming from California to visit. Heather and I are busy taking out our little ghouls and goblins for trick or treating tonight. Tomorrow, look for our fabulous annual Countdown to Turkey Day!

Have a marvy Halloween, darling Home Eccers!

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  1. Mom of three on October 31, 2008 at 10:45 pm

    We’re having a great time. Took #3 and her friends trick or treating, now #1 and #2 are having a rock band party. I will be exhauted tomorrow, but we’re having fun tonight. About 20 kids 11-20, no alcohol, lots of sugar. That’s what Halloween should be.

    We all have to get up at day break for football and band, but tonight we are partying.

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