Yep, It’s Earth Day

Heather says:

Here’s the way of keeping things green. With rare exception, buying something new* is about the least green thing you can do.  Please keep this in mind before you purchase the newest and greatest earth saving gadget. New items take energy to produce and transport. The items they replace consume energy or space when they are recycled or thrown away. Always rememeber there are three Rs when it comes to conservation: REDUCE, REUSE, and recycle. The first and second aren’t as popular since they don’t have a marketing team.

If you’d like to hear more about frugality and Earth Day, check out this episode of  b075208b-7b3b-4495-bd74-2dc0f4bbcc9afrugalcoast2coast300x300Frugal Coast to Coast: Living on the Corner of Frugal and Green,  from our friends at Frugal Upstate and

*There are obviously some exceptions.

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