When Is Clean Too Clean? Method Launches High Five a Rainbow

Heather says:

It has never been a secret on Home-Ec101.com that I am not a fan of trying to create a germ-free home. There is a big difference between clean, sanitary, and sterile. While there are definitely times where you should spend effort sanitizing -in the kitchen, for example- many people in our culture spend far too much money, time, and effort trying to rid their world of all germs.

The FDA believes that the ingredient triclosan is unnecessary for hand washing. Germs do not contain super powers allowing them to cling to skin with proper hand washing; soap, warm water and friction are sufficient. Have you noticed the posters in every restaurant that demonstrate proper techniques never say a word about Triclosan? It’s simply not necessary and it’s use may be harmful to the environment. You see, Triclosan not only cannot differentiate between good bacteria and bad, it also may be partially responsible for the occurrence of antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria. Yes, consumers’ hearts are in the right place, after-all they are trying to protect their families, but they may be doing more harm than good.

Remember Noah from last month? He’s back today with another Method video, check it out and High Five a Rainbow:
  Over on Facebook Method fans can guess, without going over, how many bottles of hand wash it took to create the backdrop used in the promotional video. The fan closest to the correct number will win a $100 gift certificate to soap.com and their very own rainbow of Method (7 flavors). Ten runner ups will also win a $50 gift card. Pretty cool, huh?

I’ve seen some people asking where they can find Method products, they are carried at Target, Soap.com, and Amazon.com. If I remember correctly, they will soon be carried by other distributors. If you are an Amazon Prime member (I am, I find it very convenient for some recurring purchases) you can set up to have your household items (like Method handsoap, naturally) delivered on a regular basis. Isn’t living in the future cool? I usually think so, but I won’t be totally sold until my self-driving car gets here. (And Google is working on that.)

While this is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own. 

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7 thoughts on “When Is Clean Too Clean? Method Launches High Five a Rainbow”

  1. I’m pleased to tell you that I’ve recently switched to all Method products at my home.  In the Charleston area, you can find a good selection at Lowe’s and a slim selection at area Harris Teeter stores.

  2. My mother , God rest her soul, always said:
    “Clean enough to be healthy, dirty enough to be hapy.”
    It’s my motto, too, and all 4 of my kids survived and thrived!

  3. I pretty much live by the adage ” A little bit of dirt never hurt anyone”. I don’t own any anti-bacterial anything, no hand sanitizers and I don’t believe in over-cleaning. As a result, my family are all healthy as they can be. No allergies, we rarely get colds or have tummy troubles. My mom was the same way and so was her mom.


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