Organizational Sunday Challenge Week #24 | Under The Bed

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Heather says:

This has been edited in light of the current tragedy.

I don’t know the right words on days like today. I think about what keeps me going:

“We are called to the light we are given.”

I think about the phrase “be the light” and I think about  the mother of Mr. Rogers’ advice, “Look for the helpers.”

I thought about how silly or callous even it could seem to send this out today.

I also thought about how in the darkest of times sometimes we need some normalcy or to fix something small so we don’t become overwhelmed by the things over which we have no control.

I am sorry so many family and friends received the calls no one should. My heart breaks for you.


If you need the normalcy, I understand that, too.

Today we were going to continue organizing the bedroom by cleaning out under the bed. Today's challenge was / is to clean out under the bed.

It’s amazing how many things can get pushed under a bed. If you can make it fun you might even get your kids to clean out under their own beds. A time limit, a bribe, and a flashlight worked wonders with my kids. Then they spent the next hour playing with the toys they had found way back under the bed. Win-win for me!

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There are lots of under the bed storage ideas on Amazon.

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