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Heather says:

So, I have a confession and it’s not even Sunday, I know! Who’s running this joint anyhow? I’ll be honest, I am the worst person when it comes to sending any kind of cards, birthday, holiday, sympathy, thank you, whatever; they just don’t happen. Not too long ago I found thank you cards for gifts received at Christmas- wait for it- 2004. They were addressed and even stamped, but somehow they made it to the filing cabinet instead of the mailbox. Coincidentally (or not) that was the last time I’ve even attempted to mail cards of any sort.

I’ve also had two more kids since then. Oh, I go through the motions, I make the kids wait while I write down who got what from whom, but somehow that list never makes the next couple of steps. I usually throw it out sometime in March as I can no longer stand the guilt.

So now we’re onto confession number two. Even though photography is probably my 1st no, that’s eating, 2 no, that’s cooking, 3rd no that’s reading, 4th no, that’s reading while eating. Well, photography definitely makes into the top ten of things I love doing. The sad truth is, I never print my photos. I’ve ordered a couple 8x10s to enter into a competition and last Christmas I gave Tim a bunch of my prints framed -yeah, those? They are still sitting in a stack in the closet, don’t ask.

So just like the cards, it just doesn’t happen.

In September I met @paperfans from Tinyprints. Apparently he looked at me and said, “Hey, she looks like the kind of lady who takes pictures of her kids to make Christmas cards in plenty of time for the holiday season.”

Shh, I won’t tell if you won’t.

Under that assumption, I was given a chance to review their services.

In a word? Fab.

The hardest thing about the whole ordeal (and any kind of shopping is an ordeal for me) was trying to find a picture of my stepdaughter where she wasn’t rolling her eyes at the idea of someone taking her picture. She’s got it rough, her mom is also something of a shutterbug so that adds up to a lot of eye rolling. Trust me, the rest of the process was a piece of cake.

If you’re even more design challenged than I am, you can upload your pictures, set your price range, and hire a personal shopper* to put together your card. Neat. I almost went for that, but then I realized I wouldn’t know if the process was easy or not. Then I’d have to make stuff up for you guys and well I don’t do that.

*The personal shopper service is currently on sale for $24.95, but that’s applied to the cost of your order, so if you spend more than that, it’s covered.*

Having four kids who rarely look in the same direction meant I needed to use a template with at least four slots for pictures. Amazingly enough someone there understands and there are plenty to choose from.

Christmas CardThere was space for a fifth picture on the inside flap, but since I also slack on the whole family picture thing -sheesh, are you sure this a review and not the Sunday Confessional?- I left it blank. The next day I got a phone call from Tinyprints, which freaked me out a little at first. It turns out a human being actually checks the orders and wanted to be sure I hadn’t intended to put a a picture in that slot.

How friggin’ cool is that?

So Tinyprints? Fab.

But wait, there’s more. . .

Tinyprints.com has been kind enough to offer two $50 gift certificates for readers of Home-Ec101.com.  As usual there are three ways to enter.

  1. Comment. (I set the bar high).
  2. Mention this contest on your own blog, Facebook, or messageboard/forum and post the link to that mention in a new comment. (Don’t spam a forum, only do this if a) it’s allowed and b) you’re a regular participant. I do expect manners, ’cause I’m mean.)
  3. Tweet about the contest and link the url of the tweet in a new comment.
    To grab the url (that’s the link) of your tweet, right click the time-stamp (that’s the part that says 30 seconds ago or about 8 hours ago) and select copy link. Paste that into your comment.

Winners will be selected by random drawing.

Remember entries 2 & 3 get their own comment. If you put two links in a comment, you will trigger the spam filter and I don’t like going in there, it’s a nasty place.

This contest will be open through 9pm Eastern on Saturday November 28, 2009. The winner will be announced on Sunday November 29.

Good luck!

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55 thoughts on “Tinyprints.com a Review and Giveaway”

  1. This looks great! The last time I've seen family photo cards they were the old 70's/80's style with the big photo and random printed holiday message on the side. Guess I'm out of the hipster loop — these look really classy and different! (:

  2. Your website is wonderful!

    I love tinyprints. I'm hoping to use them for our birth announcements. This would be a wonderful, wonderful gift at the end of a truly trying pregnancy.

  3. Heather, do we share DNA? I am forever writing-stamping-and-not-sending cards….. and thank you's.
    I'd love to win the Tiny Prints gift…………….. might even make sure I used it! LOL

  4. How PERFECT! I, like you, am terrible about sending things out. Never sent a birth announcement for my 8-month-old daughter, so I figured I'd roll it into a photo holiday card. Tinyprints.com seems like the PERFECT solution! Woo hoo!

  5. I can soooooo relate LOL I am soooo behind in printing photos or scrapbooking for my 6 yr old LOL I think I'm on about yr 2……somehow it all got backed up……I'll get caught up one day….hope it's before he turns 18 LOL……..

  6. I AM THE ONE WHO NEEDS TO WIN THIS!! (I just thought you'd like to know.) While reading your post, Heather, I thought, is she writing about me, secretly, because someone told on me? Okay, I didn't really think that, but I did think, "Whoa, she's as lame as I am!" (Sorry, Heather, but you did reveal all that stuff, so there you go.) Actually, it isn't true because I am the absolute lamest person on earth when it comes to sending cards, printing pictures, and making photo albums. I can manage a card here and there from time to time, but the whole project of uploading, printing, cutting up, sending photos and cards is well, too much of a project for me. The pathetic part is that my husband has given me as gifts all that I need–digital camera, photo printer, photo printer paper, etc…All I can say is, PICK ME PLEASE!!!

  7. Oooo, I'll bet they'd be GREAT for birth announcements……incidentally, I found Christmas cards stamped, addressed, ready to go……from 2 years ago. Sitting where??? Why, in the kitchen junk drawer, of COURSE!!! Where ELSE would they beeeee?!?! LOL

  8. I LOVE Tiny Prints! Currently, I have my Christmas card design narrowed down to 3 choices… It's just so difficult to choose! 🙂

  9. I have never. ever. done a Christmas Card. Are you still there? I have a zillion pics and love to take them and yet, it's always been too much to do the card.
    You = inspiring 🙂

  10. Thanks Heather!

    We have a team dedicated to reviewing orders to make sure they’re perfect before they go to print. Any questions…we call. It’s an added cost for us but it saves a surprising number of orders.

    People are constantly shocked that an online retailer has actual people handling their order.

  11. I've been searching for a place to order baby shower invitations from – sounds like Tinyprints is the place to go! Especially since I'm going to be uberuptight when planning my best friend's first baby shower and it has to be per.fect.

  12. This is such great timing. I got a call from my paretns last week. They want a picture of me with my two greyhounds. A real picture, not a hold the camera out self taken shot. Somehow we have no picture of all the kids and kids-in-law to use for their Christmas card photo. Personally i think since all 3 are moved out, and 2 are married that there shouldn't be a photo but that's another story.

    So the plan is to have a picture of me and the dogs, one of my bro and SIL, and one of my sister and BIL. My mom was just going to put the pics loose inside a card, but I will tell her about this and maybe she'll actually do them as the actual card – you know so we don't have to sign 5 gazillion cards this year.

  13. I love, love, love Tiny Prints. I just ordered birth announcements and they called to double check to make sure that they understood my order.

    • Thanks Stacey!
      We want to make sure things print properly the first time. There often isn't time to get a re-print to a customer and get it timely mailed. Internally we consider customer errors that we don't catch our own errors. We're definitely not web-to-print.


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