The Weekender: Preparing for a Weekend Trip

manBran says:

We are all tied to the things that we own. For some reason, this statement holds the truest when we travel. It’s understandable that a person would want to take as many bags as possible on a trip, because for some reason it’s better to over packed than under. Unfortunately, some individuals take this notion and apply it to the smaller, day and weekend trips that tend to dot their otherwise busy schedules.

This is a prime opportunity to cast away this notion of “necessary” excess and learn to travel with the basics. Here’s how:

Bag it up!

I know you’re attached to that uber practical, suitcase-on-wheels, but there’s a much better option out there you: the weekender bag. Imagine the durability of a duffel and the portability of a briefcase. The weekender bag is a very practical, modern and affordable way to carry all the essentials, i.e. clothing, toiletries, cell phone, etc.) without being mistaken for a baggage handler. I recommend the TMD Stone Canvas Bag from, $120.

Slim down.

Your pockets are fat. You have too many devices on you. We have this  innate aversion to coming in contact with the stranger sitting next to us, so we strap on our ear buds, fire up the Kindle, throw on the eye shades, whip out the PSP…you get my drift? It’s too much to carry and it only the attention of all the shifty characters lurking in an airport just waiting at the chance to pick your pockets. Tone it down and limit your peripherals to one: one iPod, one Kindle, one PSP and only one. It will make travel that much easier.

Plan ahead.

Just because it’s a two-day trip doesn’t mean there’s less of an obligation for planning ahead. If anything, since you have less leeway from the time you leave until the time you come back, you should be more attentive to the details of your trip. Make sure that all of your identification cards, cash/checks and other important documents are in a place where they’re readily available to be presented to you friendly, neighborhood TSA employee.

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  1. ccb on March 3, 2011 at 4:12 pm

    The problem with a weekender bag is that all the weight is on one shoulder/arm/hand. I went home for 2 days last week with 1 pair of jeans 1 skirt, 3 blouses/tshirts and 4 pairs of shoes. Yes 4, and yes I wore (and needed) all 4 pairs. My bag weighed 32 pounds (not including the carryon/purse with laptop cell phone, etc – again all required for work purposes. I've done the weekender/duffel/garment bag route and I always end up with an insanely sore shoulder so I prefer the roller bag even if it is harder to find space on the plane. Now if I'm traveling by car or bus or train where I don't have to carry the bag as far, the weekender works great.

  2. Dan on March 3, 2011 at 2:39 pm

    I like the TMD Stone Canvas Bag. It seems to be very roomy and a good bag choice for men.
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