The Sunday Confessional

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Heather says:

I’ll get the ball rolling.  My children may have forgotten what a green vegetable looks like.  I took them all to Myrtle Beach to spend time with my father.  It has been a whirlwind of fastfood and buffets, Krispy Kremes and ice cream.  Their hair and eyes have lost their shine, but I’ve been told it’s temporary.

So ‘fess up Home Eccers, no one’s perfect.

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13 thoughts on “The Sunday Confessional”

  1. We just went camping for 3 days and my 2 year old had s’mores as his main meal too many times.

    I also let him play in the car while we were packing up, forgetting about my mocha freeze in the cup holder… WOW, is he wired right now!

  2. I love this post idea.

    I’m not the one that cut up most of the veggies and salad thingees for my refrigerator, this week. I cut the meat with said victim, though.

    I stopped at CVS for a bag of chocolate and I spent $10.88 because they were giving it away. Literally. I’m going to chop up dove promises into muffins, instead of using chocolate chips. Is it still a healthy muffin if the main ingredients are strawberries and yogurt??

    Am I forgiven if I bring you one?

  3. Just don’t open the door, and it will usually burn itself out. But calling 911 when in doubt is better than watching the house burn down.

    At least in my opinion.

  4. I have one more…you never said there was a limit to these confessions:) I have managed to set now two ovens on fire… no not little fires, the last one my husband was there to put out and tonight he was not. I had to call 911 and have them come…the lady that answered the call was very upset that we were not outside. The police got a good laugh out of it. The fire was out by the time they got here. I thought I was burning down the house for sure this time.

  5. My confession also involves a visit to my dad’s. During our three-day visit both kids ate Little Debbie honeybuns for breakfast, Chef Boy Ardee lunches and fried seafood dinners. No wonder they love going there. . .
    Oh, and I have to add to the summertime no-bath guilt. Here’s hoping that pool chlorine is the ultimate sterilizer!

  6. My 6 year old hasn’t had a bath in 4 days. It was skipped again today because I figure, since she was in the pool all day, and probably again tomorrow, she’s clean enough. Clean-ish.

  7. My son gets a bath on average once a week. It’s been that way his whole life because he HATES the water and I hate getting wet.

    And he’s probably eaten his body weight in starburst, m&m’s, and cookies in the past three weeks. We’re on vacation, can you tell? Nary a whole grain or a green vegetable in sight, either. Oy.

  8. I can’t remember the last time I scoured out the bath tub. It’s hot in the bathroom and I really don’t have to look that close since I take my glasses off to shower.

    I’m wondering if I can pass the added traction off as a safety improvement?

  9. Not food related.

    I have spent almost $1300 in the last 36 hours getting the kids ready to go back to school.
    Now granted, there were some big ticket items, like a new mattress set for DS, and all three kids have grown so much that they needed practically a whole new wardrobe, and I did get some food for that first week’s lunches and after school practices, and bought a birthday present…
    But 37 hours ago I was debt free! Now I am looking at the receipts going where did it all go?!
    Can anyone tell my why a bra for an 11 year old is $7? There’s barely $.50 worth of material there.
    Now that I have confessed to you guys, I have to go break it to hubby. YIKES.
    Actually, he knows about most of it because I bought the bulk of the purchases yesterday.

  10. It was my birthday last Thursday and the kids and I made a birthday cake. We each got a piece that night and well another in the morning…It made a great breakfast:) and I did not have cake sitting around for days, heheh

  11. D was supposed to be ”making cookies” with the kids yesterday afternoon (I was blissfully napping); Sue (6) came and asked me if she could have ”some cookies” and I said sure, I mean that’s why they made them right? Right.

    Except how D had gotten distracted and left the cookie project half done and what really happened was Sue got tired of waiting and wanted to eat just the dough. With her brothers. A tube and a half worth between the three of them.

    Not that I mind the eating of the raw dough but…a tube and a half? Tummy aches all around last night. D included because my bitchiness makes him gassy, heh.

  12. My son confessed (on his own) that he got up in the middle of the night last night (2 am) and got a Little Debbie Nutty Bar and ate it.

    We, being the wonderful parents we are would have never even noticed.


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