The Deep Clean: Small Project Week

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Last week’s project was a two-parter. Which, by the way, that smudge hunt was pretty satisfying, wasn’t it? Especially if you have kids of any age living at home. It’s kind of impressive how much just getting rid of that stuff we don’t typically notice can brighten up a room.

It might not be as exciting as new Brita filter day or new contact day, but it’s a good day. Celebrate the little wins, and life gets a whole lot happier.

Part two was to find a small project around your home to deal with today, week eleven of the deep clean project. If you needed supplies to work on said project, you were supposed to deal with that over the week. I hope you did your homework, otherwise, you have an errand or two in addition to today’s task.


This time, I’m replacing the internal parts of one of our toilets. We’ve had all the pieces for ages. We’ve just tolerated the sticking handle and annoying flapper because… we’re human. Since I will be joining the rinse and repeat. I’ll try to remember to update this post with each cycle’s project. It’ll be neat to see what gets accomplished.

I would like to see, in the comments, what project you did today.

Are you ready? Let’s go!

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2 thoughts on “The Deep Clean: Small Project Week”

  1. Small project week has been the bomb. I repaired to ac/heating vent tops that had come loose, the top of one of my windows blinds had been askew and I fixed that. I am still working on fixing the leak in our one bathroom sink but now I know how to. But the biggest project was the easiest! We had never put a door sweep on our new shower door and therefore had water leak out. I drove to the hardware yesterday and purchased the sweep, this was a ten minute project. When my husband came home from work I kept saying you take your shower first. He finally went upstairs and was so surprised and excited. Sometimes it is the little things. Thank you.


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