Braised Kale Recipe

Bobbie says: Come on over to the dark side* – dark, leafy greens are good for you, and can be quite tasty. It’s time to leave the relative comfort zone of the mild-mannered spinach. This easy Braised Kale recipe is an excellent choice for venturing into greens unknown. It’s quick to prepare, even for a … Read more

Recipe For Coleslaw Done Right

Bobbie says: Several years ago, I developed this recipe for Coleslaw Done Right as a copycat of Marzetti’s Slaw Dressing (which you might find in your store’s produce department.) It’s creamy, tangy, and not overly sweet. Best of all, this simple coleslaw recipe can be put together with ingredients that are easy to have on … Read more

Oven-Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Bran says: I thought I hated brussels sprouts. I think a lot of us have felt that way. After all, to many people, the boiled things that get served up to us as children, sodden and vaguely buttered, are not exactly the most appetizing of vegetables. But brussels sprouts can be a great winter green, … Read more

Vegetable Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

Heather says: Winter is officially here and eating seasonally in the winter can certainly be difficult. Well, difficult if you like variety that is. For the most part we’re reduced to vegetables that store well, like squashes and potatoes, along with hardy vegetables from the brassica genus: brussels sprouts, cabbage, collard greens, etc. I’m not … Read more