Strawberry Jam

Heather says: So in addition to fruit leather, strawberry shortcake, and ripe berry goodness what does $25 and an hour at the farm yield? Why, strawberry jam, of course! There is no reason to be afraid of home preserving. We’ve all heard horror stories of the family that never got up from the table because … Read more

Gravy – Technique

Dear Home Ec 101: How do you make gravy? Does it all come from a jar? ~Dry in Dover Heather says: There is a knack to gravy, but it’s simple to make once you understand the secret. When the meat (roast, chicken etc.) has finished cooking, pour all of the drippings* into a fat separator. … Read more

How to Roast a Turkey

Dear Home Ec 101, In the bottom half of my freezer lies a turkey that’s been sitting there since mid-December. We got it free as a grocery store give away and I can’t bring myself to defrost that bird yet. Mostly because I don’t know what to do with it once I get it defrosted. … Read more

Mustgo Soup, Leftover Magic

Heather says: This soup goes perfectly with the announcement of today’s contest. While you’re digging through the fridge, pull out all of the things that are on the edge of needing to be tossed out. Here are the items that Must Go: 1/2 meatloaf celery a few green beans a tomato with a bad spot … Read more

How to Dice an Onion

Dear Home-ec 101, I hate cooking. I make a bloody mess (literally!) everytime I have to do anything involving onions. Can you help? ~Stubby in St. Petersburg Heather says: Dicing onions shouldn’t make you cry, in pain that is. First peel off the papery layers, this is easier if you cut off the root end, … Read more