Heather says: This was way before I learned about food photography, bear with me -Heather June 2010 With the temperature rising something has to give. Try this Andalusian favorite for a change of pace. Traditional gazpacho is often made with bread blended in, I prefer to serve it on the side or with a dollop … Read more

Albondigas – Mexican Meatball Soup Recipe

Heather says: I’ve been pretty sick this week and I need something to clear my head. Tomorrow I’ll be preparing a pot of Albondigas. This is my family’s version of the spicy Mexican meatball soup. The meatballs are a little tedious, but if you crank your radio or bribe your kids or spouse into assisting … Read more

Mustgo Soup, Leftover Magic

Heather says: This soup goes perfectly with the announcement of today’s contest. While you’re digging through the fridge, pull out all of the things that are on the edge of needing to be tossed out. Here are the items that Must Go: 1/2 meatloaf celery a few green beans a tomato with a bad spot … Read more