Let’s Make Soup this Fall and Winter

Heather says: Cooler weather has finally arrived, yes, even in my little corner of the world known as the Low country of South Carolina. I’m finally in the mood for soups, stews, and chilis.  I thought I would put together a round up of all of the warm and hearty, soup goodness that is already … Read more

French Onion Soup

Michele says: I’m not a fan of summer; it’s hot, sticky, and—for someone as pale as I—sunburny.  I spend most of the summer indoors, hoping for a cloudy day.  For reasons probably related to my aversion to summer, I long ago decided that August is, in fact, autumn.  And what does autumn mean?  Soup, of … Read more

Chicken and Dumplings

Heather says: This recipe for chicken and rolled dumplings is my riff on the Lee Bros version which can be found in The Lee Bros. Southern Cookbook. I love their recipes and while I think their idea for sweet potato dumplings sounds intriguing, I chose to go with classic rolled dumplings. Many people include shortening … Read more