How to Grill Fruit

Brian says: Fruits are healthy and very good for you, we all are well aware of this fact, but what you might not realize is when you add flame to your fruit basket, a whole new realm is opened up to both you and your dining partners. Grilled fruits can be as versatile as any … Read more

Simple Radish and Egg Salad

Bobbie says: Radishes are one of my favorite veggies and while I love them straight-from-the-garden plain, I’d been wondering if there wasn’t something more that could be done with them. Well, here’s something a little different : a simple radish and egg salad that goes together in a snap. The sour cream and eggs counter … Read more

Braised Kale Recipe

Bobbie says: Come on over to the dark side* – dark, leafy greens are good for you, and can be quite tasty. It’s time to leave the relative comfort zone of the mild-mannered spinach. This easy Braised Kale recipe is an excellent choice for venturing into greens unknown. It’s quick to prepare, even for a … Read more

Braised Rutabaga: Fearless Friday Recipe #31

Heather says: Fearless Fridays are about pushing our culinary boundaries, lately I’ve done well with purchasing seasonal vegetables, but the actually cooking the produce in a recipe part has been kicking my butt. I suppose I should cut myself a little slack, as I have been out of town. What have you done fearlessly in … Read more

Seasonal Recipes February

Heather says: It’s still winter and the season’s interesting produce choices will still be lingering for a while, yet. Have you attempted to work any seasonal foods into your menu? Learning to utilize seasonal vegetables is a way average consumers can attempt to keep money within their local economies. Not every community has a Community … Read more