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The Great Refrigerator Cleanout- Before & After

Ivy says: I cleaned out my fridge yesterday, right on schedule. Some commenters asked for before and after pictures, and I’m glad to oblige! I’ll give you some tips on how I clean out my refrigerator as well. The first thing I do is fill a bucket with lukewarm water and either a cleaning product…

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Time To Clean The Fridge. The Science Project Is Over.

Dear Home-Ec 101, I’m gearing myself up to finally tackling the scary fridge. It hasn’t been cleaned since the dawn of refrigeration, so there’s a ton of ultra-scary-ew-nasty-what-is-that-gunk in the fridge. But, I don’t want to use any harsh chemicals, as I’m concerned about the smell/taste of it transferring over to the food once I’m…

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