How to Clean Stained Marble

Dear Home-Ec 101, We just bought a house, and the fireplace is surrounded by marble. It may be faux marble since most things in the house are builder-grade materials. Anyway, the marble surround is stained. There are blotches of yellow above and Kool-aid type stains on the hearth. Any suggestions on how to clean the … Read more

Wax and Silicone Build Up on Furniture

Dear Home-Ec 101, My mother has wax build up on an antique secretary. It is a dark wood with a shiny surface. Over many years of waxing the wax has built up and in places the shine has dulled. Can you help? Signed, Smudged in Smyrna Heather says: Are you sure that it’s wax build … Read more

How to Care for a Leather Couch

Dear Home Ec 101, What is the best way to care for a leather couch?  I have seen several leather conditioners advertised, but do these leave a waxy finish?  I have had my leather couch and love seat for four years, and they have held up well, but a few scratches are starting to show up.  … Read more

How to Clean Microsuede Furniture

Dear Home Ec 101, I have tan microsuede dining room chairs and, with four children, you can imagine what they look like.  I’ve looked, but there isn’t a cleaning recommendation tag on them.  What is the best way to clean them? Signed, Dingy Diner Heather says: Oh I can imagine. I’ve given up on salvaging the … Read more

Couch Cleaning Questions

Dear Home Ec 101, I have tile floors and a couch, this sounds normal enough, but the couch slips and slides all over the tile and drives me crazy. How do I stop the couch from sliding? And the cushions, don’t get me started on the cushions, why won’t they stay on my couch? While … Read more