Lox on Fearless Friday

Heather says: Welcome to this week’s Fearless Friday. It’s a chance to push against your usual culinary boundaries. We have nearly 2,000 readers here on Home-Ec101.com and with that audience there are cooks of every level. Did you try a new recipe, learn a new technique, or did you sample a new food? Whatever steps … Read more

Chicken Stock from Chicken Feet

Heather says: The point of this series is to show off our successes and failures. Please don’t be intimidated by pictures of pretty food here and on other blogs. If you go back through the archives you will see it has taken me over two years to become competent. We have just shy of 2000 … Read more

What is Fearless Friday?

Heather says: So, what’s the deal with this Fearless Friday series? Not everyone is adventurous in the kitchen. Many of us have a narrowly defined menu that we chose from week in and week out. The same ingredients, the same techniques, the same flavors. These ruts develop either by habit of by a distrust of … Read more