Fearless Friday 10/23

Heather says: I feel like a schmuck. I host Fearless Friday and here I am with no entry. There is a bug circulating my house and a big event this weekend, I’ve been bailing on evening activities and crawling into bed as soon as possible, trying to fight it. I think it’s working. <a href=”https://www.home-ec101.com” … Read more

Fearless Friday #22

Heather says: I could offer a bunch of excuses as to why I didn’t get around to anything fearless in the kitchen this week, but I did go to that audition on Sunday. It may not seem like it online, but I’m a very shy person. I’ve spent a lot of time over the last … Read more

Pasta, From Scratch: Fearless Friday Episode 15

Heather says: Another week another kitchen challenge. This week I experimented with making noodles from scratch. I’ve made rolled dumplings in the past, so I knew it couldn’t be too difficult, but I was prepared for a starchy mess. Ready for the Fearless Friday Spiel? Fearless Fridays are an exercise in kitchen bravery. It’s not … Read more