How to Use a Pasta Roller: Fearless Friday May 7, 2010

Many thanks go to Candice of Ragamuffin Design. I’m still recovering and she was fabulous enough to step up to the plate so Fearless Friday would still happen, please be kind and give her an atta-girl or three. If you’re new here, don’t worry about all the text and pictures, the PrintFriendly feature at the … Read more

Braised Rutabaga: Fearless Friday Recipe #31

Heather says: Fearless Fridays are about pushing our culinary boundaries, lately I’ve done well with purchasing seasonal vegetables, but the actually cooking the produce in a recipe part has been kicking my butt. I suppose I should cut myself a little slack, as I have been out of town. What have you done fearlessly in … Read more

Flatbread Recipe

Heather says: I had pretty much written off Fearless Friday for this week. Since I’m out of town, without a real pantry, that’s about all the cooking adventure I was willing to handle while working under the pressure of a big deadline. Then last night, I saw a tweet from Candice of Ragamuffin Design. She … Read more

Fearless Friday Edition #28

Heather says: Fearless Friday is back! I took a break around the holidays, but I’m ready to host this carnival once again. To participate all you have to do is push your culinary boundaries and tell us about it. Does it have to be successful? Nope, Fearless Failures are absolutely welcome and a part of the … Read more

Fearless Friday #25

Heather says: Guess what! Chiiiiiiiicken butt. Sorry, my two year old has been saying that all week and it’s stuck in my head. It’s already Friday again, how does that happen? It’s a good thing I was ahead of the game by being fearless on Sunday when I played hostess to a large group. Everyone knew … Read more