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Can I Mix [cleaning product] with Bleach

Dear Home Ec 101, I love your site! Love the 50’s look! I want to mop with bleach once a month to help keep our grout white, but mopping with bleach and water does not seem to clean the floor well. Your site came up when I googled which cleaners/soaps can safely be mixed with…

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Laundry Room Lint

Hi Heather, Can you please post an article (or help me find it in your archives) about keeping that nasty linty space along the sides of the washer and dryer clean? Vacuuming with the extension works, sort of, but there’s always lint and stuff building up on the floor molding, and it just sticks there. My daughter and her…

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Friendly Reminder About Using Bleach

Heather says: While double checking my research I was stunned by how many frugal websites recommend a homemade cleaning agent with both bleach and vinegar in the recipe. NO. Never mix bleach and vinegar, bleach and ammonia, bleach and toilet bowl cleaners, or even different brands of toilet bowl cleaners (some are bleach based while…

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