Chicken and Wild Rice Soup

Heather says: This creamy soup is quite rich, perfect for a chilly evening spent calling Midwestern family and asking, “Hey, how’s the weather up there?” (It was -2F yesterday, sorry about that)   Yields: approximately 8 cups of soup Ingredients: 5 cups chicken broth 1 cup wild rice (If you aren’t a huge fan of … Read more

Fried Green Corn

Heather says: I was browsing through some of my hometown blogs and stumbled upon this entry at A Yankee in a Southern Kitchen. It was the perfect use for the abundance of Silver Queen corn I picked up the other day. Don’t be fooled by this absurdly simple recipe, it tastes of summer. Ingredients: 5 … Read more

Chicken Bog Recipe

Heather says: Do you ever have a snippet from a TV show stay with you for eternity? That’s all I can think whenever I make chicken bog. Now that you’ve had a peek into my twisted little mind, let’s talk chicken bog. At first glance, some long time readers may say, “But Heather, that looks … Read more

Rice and Peas

Heather says: My family enjoys this simple dish, it goes well with most standard chicken recipes.  Oddly enough, my kids who are not overly fond of peas do not mind their presence. Get the printable shopping list. Ingredients 1 TBSP butter 1 small onion diced 1 cup uncooked long grain rice 2 cups chicken stock … Read more

Ground Beef and Cabbage Skillet

Heather says: File this meal under pretty good comfort food. Mr. Heather filed it under “should make again” but he’s from Minnesota and used to consider “hotdish” its own food group. Relax, I’m just teasing to pick on my in-laws. Everyone say hi to Nan and Gramps. Back to the food, it’s important to remember … Read more