How to Remove Sticky Residue From Furniture

Dear Home-Ec 101,My furniture has become very sticky after years of polishing it. Sticky to the point of having to give it a little pull to lift it off the furniture. Googling for a solution, I have used a mixture of water and vinegar. It helped a little but not much.  What next?Signed,Sticky in Stockton … Read more

Removing Peanut Butter from Nubby Upholstery/Fabric

Dear Home-Ec101, My husband dripped peanut butter on our nubby weave couch and rubbed it in when he tried to clean it off. Can you tell me and your readers how to get messes like this out without further ruining the upholstery? Signed, Excuse the Mess, We Just Live Here I dream of the day when … Read more

How to Clean Throw Pillows

Dear Home Ec 101, Can you tell me how to clean throw pillows? A friend made me a pillow cover for a throw pillow on my couch, but she sewed it shut over the pillow, so there is no way to remove the pillow to wash it.   Are there any options as far as cleaning the … Read more