Lowcountry Boil

It’s Memorial Day weekend in the US. Spend time with your loved ones and remember those who sacrificed so we could spend this time together. The recipe below is a classic great for get-togethers with the framily [sic]. Heather says: Making Low Country Boil is a time honored tradition in the South. Remember how leery … Read more

Hoppin’ John

Heather says: In my corner of the south, Hoppin’ John is a traditional New Year’s dish believed to bring good luck. I’m not superstitious, but some traditions, like this one appeal to me. Every year on New Year’s Day we serve Hoppin’ John, collard greens, and cornbread. Hoppin’ John is a nice, flavorful version of … Read more

Tuna Salad, a Variation

Heather says: I’m usually pretty plain Jane when it comes to tuna salad, a little mayo or cream cheese -or both if I’m really pushing the envelope. Dill weed1, salt, pepper, and some celery finish it off. Everything’s nice, everything’s beautiful, everyone wins. Then, one afternoon I was poking around my friend Linda’s site and … Read more

Stuffed Tomatoes Recipe

Heather says: Looking for a tomato side dish? How about one with bacon? This easy recipe for stuffed tomatoes comes together very quickly, is company-worthy, can be made the night before, and could even be baked in a toaster oven -I don’t have one, but I plan to remedy that. I want to put it … Read more

Picnic Possibilities

Heather says: If you haven’t menu planned your Memorial Day weekend already, here are some suggestions for cookouts and picnics.  Let’s start with main dishes and then move on to sides. Shall we? (Just click the pics to head to the recipe!) Safety Reminder: Don’t forget to use common sense and keep food out of … Read more