Overwhelmed by Mess

If you’re overwhelmed by the process of cleaning your home, quit worrying about finding the best option. Stop trying to learn everything and start doing something. We all know that in a perfect world we’d make our own ecologically sound cleaners—not all homemade cleaners are, you know—always reach for a rag to clean, and never … Read more

Wash the Walls, Really?

Dear Home Ec 10, My living room desperately needs to be painted and I’ve rounded up a few friends willing to help sell their time for beer and pizza.  I really want to do this right, is it true that I have to wash the walls before I paint? Signed, Short-Cut Shelby Heather says: Look at it … Read more

How to Use Bleach Safely

Heather says: I received a concerning email, yesterday, that made me realize it was time to send this post out again as a reminder. This is the first in our series on household chemicals. Over the past few years, I have gotten the impression that many people are using chlorine bleach in an unsafe manner. Chlorine … Read more