Not Just for Breakfast

Heather says: Many of you know I just returned from a blogging conference in Nashville? What conference you ask? Oh Blissdom, you may have heard of it. As I’ve mentioned many times over the past few years, we’re huge fans of oatmeal or rolled oats in our house. We definitely go for the traditional rolled … Read more

Banana Muffins

Heather says: Muffin recipes are a great introduction to baking. They aren’t fussy and a flat muffin is still a delicious muffin. Don’t get smug and try to pass these off as health food; they aren’t. They are however delicious and semi-portable. What is semi-portable? Great in a lunch bag, not so great while driving. … Read more

How to Roast Potatoes

Heather says: Roast potatoes are a simple side dish. This recipe comes together quickly and can easily be made while the main dish is cooked. In our home we use two different methods to roast potatoes.  Don’t forget that roast potatoes can serve as the basis for other one dish meals like homemade breakfast skillets. Depending … Read more

Biscuit Recipe, No Knead

Heather says: These are the simplest, pillow-soft, no-knead biscuits you’ll ever make. I’ve been wanting to try out coconut oil as a substitute for vegetable shortening in my biscuit recipe, but I haven’t been in a biscuit making mood for months. Last night I celebrated meeting a deadline by making country-fried steak and there was … Read more