Super Spicy Boiled Peanuts

BrianBrian says:
Having roots in the South means possessing certain privileges that other regions don’t have and spend millions of dollars trying to replicate. Sweet tea, soul food and southern hospitality just to name a few. Boiled peanuts have a simple past in this region but are enjoyed by visitors, natives and transplants alike. Each has there own variation on the original salt-and-water recipe, but I’m here to heat things up a little with my super spicy Cajun version.

You’ll need:

– 2 lbs of raw peanuts (not roasted or shelled)

– 3 tbsp table salt

– 2 tbsp seasoning salt

– 1 bag of cajun crab boil

– 1 tbsp ground black pepper

– 1 1/2 tbsp of Louisiana hot sauce (optional)

1. First, bring the water to a steady boil. Add in the crab boil bag and other seasonings and bring the water back to a boil.

2. Add peanuts to the water and reduce heat to a slow simmer. Cook the peanuts for about 7-8 hours until the shells are soft.

3. Drain the peanuts, keeping about 1/3 of the liquid leftover, and serve. Use the leftover liquid to pour over the finished peanuts so they can “swim” while you eat.

Now, this is a spicy variation of a classic favorite so if you’re not into the heat, you can ditch the hot sauce. Some people have added everything from jalapenos and habanero peppers to Thai chilies and more. The heat index is really up to you.

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