Spring Cleaning: Living Room / Great Room / Family Room

Ivy says:

This has been a hard one for me to write, because I have a small house. My living room or family room or great room or whatever you want to call it is also my office, sewing room, dining room, etc, etc, etc. So the way I spring clean my living room wouldn’t necessarily be the same as yours. For example, I’m going through all my files and cleaning out everything that’s too old. Most people don’t store their files in their living room. Anyway, I hope this suits most people’s needs for living room spring cleaning.

spring cleaning the family room

  • As usual, start at the top. Dust the walls (Y’all, mine were horrid! I would have definitely won the Home Ec 101 seal of disapproval!) and light fixtures and ceiling fan if you have one. Knock all the cobwebs down too. If your ceiling isn’t too horribly tall, dust it too.
  • Take all your throw pillows outside and let them hang out in the sun for awhile to freshen. Take down any curtains, throws, and other such items and wash them. Give your blinds a good washing. Take any area rugs outside and beat them. (Fun for all, right!?)
  • Pick up and organize everything. This is a good time to go through your media like your DVDs and video games and take them to someplace like a used book store that will buy used media to make a few bucks off stuff you don’t watch or play anymore.
  • Dust everything. And I mean everything, kids. Pick up all your electronic equipment and dust under it. This sounds odd, but dust your cords, too. Mine seem to collect dust and cat hair. I wish they’d collect something useful, like money, but no such luck. Don’t forget to dust your picture frames! My boss when I was a maid always said you can tell a truly good housekeeper by how dusty the tops of their picture frames are. Because of that, I always dust my picture frames, even if I’m too lazy to dust anything else, ha!
  • Your maid may not do windows, but you’re going to have to. Wash them inside and out. My mom says windows are the “eyes” of a home. Keep your home’s “eyes” clean!
  • Move all furniture away from the walls. Dust the baseboards. If they’re still funky, give them a good wash down.
  • While you’ve got the furniture moved out, vacuum the floors. If you are like me and like to rearrange the furniture, go ahead and do so.
  • Move all the furniture back and then vacuum the rest of the floors. Wash down your doors and switchplates and all that fun stuff that gets funky.
  • Take all your knickknacks outside and throw them at a neighbor you don’t like. Okay, just kidding, but do you need as many knickknacks as you have? Consider cutting down. It’ll make all your dusting easier!
  • Put all your curtains, blinds, throw pillows, area rugs, etc. back where they belong.

    guide to spring cleaning
    Click the picture to learn more!
  • Enjoy your shiny clean living room!

I feel like I may have left something out here, and I don’t know what it could be. As I type, I keep remembering things I’ve left out, ha! I know you fab commenters have got my back, so let me know if there’s anything I’ve left out!

Submit your questions to helpme@home-ec101.com.

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12 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning: Living Room / Great Room / Family Room”

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  2. PLEASE tell me how to clean a living room throw pillow that does not have a zippered pillowcace. Dry clean the whole pillow?
    Cut it open and sew on a zipper? Throw out
    a beautiful embroidered pillow? HEEELP!

  3. How about using a microfiber cloth to wipe the dust? At least it grabs the dust and does not release it into the air. You don’t wanna be choking and sneezing amid all that dust do you:) Ooh and applying a thin coat of wax to the fan blades can help repel dust.

    Here’s what I found >> http://guidetospringcleaning.com/

  4. I have VERY textured walls. When dusting, sometimes the dust turns into smears. Like what happens with a ceiling fan. Any advice? (We don’t smoke in the house-when I asked someone else they thought that might be the case)

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  6. this may sound like a retarded question but how exactl does one dust the wall? do you dust the entire wall with a dust cloth? do you wash it? (i’m not busting on you all, i’m serious i suck at cleaning lol)

  7. Vacuum your furniture with the upholstery brush – find the treasures under the cushions BEFORE you vacuum!
    Also, Ivy, I wanted to say that our living room is multipurpose too. I read somewhere that people like rooms where work/activity happens so we’ve never tried to preserve our living room for just sitting. Interestingly, our guests still migrate towards the piano in the dining room or, of course, the food prep in the kitchen.

  8. While you’re dusting, dust those lightbulbs too. They get fuzzy and hotter if you don’t and they could kick the bucket even faster.

  9. Lightbulbs. Mine get filthy. Dab a little vanilla or other scented oil of your choice on them for a non-chemical-smelling air freshener.

    Way cheaper than Febreeze, Glade, Lysol, etc., too.


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