Home Ec 101 Review Policy for Cookbooks and Culinary Magazines

From time to time I am asked to review cookbooks and food magazines and I typically enjoy the opportunity to pass along resources to Home Ec 101 Readers. While I do not post reviews for every book or magazine I receive, the reviews I post tend to be favorable. Sometimes there is a caveat or two, if I believe a cookbook is targeted only to a segment of the readership.

When I disagree philosophically with an author, there is no need for me to criticize their work in a public forum. A difference of opinion does not mean their work doesn’t have value for someone else. If I find a book or magazine relies too heavily on processed foods for my taste, the directions are too complicated or fussy, or the ingredients are too obscure, I simply pass on the review or endorsement altogether.

It is my belief that I do not need to undermine another author’s work to help Home Ec 101 readers find a selection of great resources.