Retro Saturday September 4, 2010

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Heather says:

Labor Day weekend already? Who is in charge here? Drive safely, cops and drunken idiots will be out in full force this weekend. Don’t be one of them, the idiots I mean. In many parts of the country it’s summer’s last hurrah, so if you’re doing a cookout this weekend and looking for a few ideas, may I suggest you check out: Picnic Possibilities.

Now it’s time to dig into the archives and see what happened in the Home Ec 101 past:

In September of 2009 Dan wrote On the Merits of Being a Part Time Vegetarian. Someone did a little of their own delving into the past when they unearthed an old frozen turkey, Food Safety and the Deep Freeze.

Have you ever tried the caramelized garlic and brown sugar chicken? You’re missing out on that gem of a recipe posted in September 2008.

Finally, delving all the way back to September 2007, there are Meatless Sloppy Joes, but cut me some slack, this was before I knew anything about food photography, but after I knew about cooking. Oh fine, just go visit it to laugh at the terrible picture. I’ll add a reshoot to my To Do list.

PS If you missed Brian’s post from yesterday, it didn’t go out in some feeds, for some reason, give it a read: 10 Things My Grandfather Taught Me.

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