How To Blow Out Eggs For Easter

how to blow out an eggHeather says:

While the stores have been ready since February 15th, Easter will soon be here.  This year instead of hard boiling two dozen eggs the day before, I’m blowing out the eggs and saving the shells as I use them.  I have not had a lot of practice with the technique, so mine aren’t perfect, but I have a few years before my kids are old enough to care.  I have the feeling most will be crushed and broken before the season has past, but that’s the nature of preschoolers.

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First: To blow out eggs use a large, clean needle or tack to pierce each end of the egg.  I find it easier to hold the egg rather than resting it on the counter where the pressure may crack the shell.

Second: Use the needle to pierce the membrane surrounding the yolk.  The hole in the bottom of the egg will need to be wider than the top, unless you have a syringe to draw out the white and yolk.

Third: Give the egg a good shake over a clean bowl.

Fourth: Cup the egg in your hand, use your finger and thumb to form a seal around the top, and blow into your hand.  Please do not put your mouth all over the egg shell, that’s a good way to get salmonella.  Some people use a bulb syringe to force the contents out.

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Fifth: Rinse the eggs until the water runs clear and allow to dry.

The hole can be covered with tissue paper, ribbon, or positioned out of sight.  By starting early I can deal with the inevitable failures without stressing out.

What are you doing to prepare for Easter?

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  1. Connie on March 13, 2008 at 5:40 pm

    I’d love to see a picture of a finished one, Heather. This is a new concept to me.

  2. Angela on March 13, 2008 at 10:35 am

    My brother and I did this last year, my kids would not try because they seen how red our faces got and had more fun laughing at us. It did not help to have my mom and sister there taking pictures and joining in on the laughing…they turned out great and if you put a layer of glue over the finished egg it will help protect them and they look cool on an Easter tree(a branch in a pail). Very fun project:)