Quick tip: Allergy eyes

Heather says:

The current heatwave has done a number on my allergies and the grass pollen has wreaked havoc with my eyes. One way I cope is to use teabags as compresses. When I brew a batch of tea, I store the bags in the fridge. When the itching gets out of hand, they are ready to go.

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3 thoughts on “Quick tip: Allergy eyes”

  1. It helps?! AWESOME. My allergies have been going nuts as well, my eyes are constantly watering and itching (and I’m always rubbing them) and my nose is always tickled and sneezing. I will be forever indebted to you Heather.

  2. My daughter had allergic conjunctivitis earlier this summer…we thought it was ordinary pink eye, called the doc, got the medicine…but because the pharmacy took FOREVER getting the perscription filled, it was too late to give her any THAT night….the pharmacist said to just wait until the next morning, by then…Poof! it was gone. It just comes and goes but there’s not much you can do about it w/a 2 year old!

    I’m going to try the tea trick… I never use my ceiling fan because it aggravates my eyes, but this summer, it’s been SOO HOT, I haven’t had a choice…..and my eyes have been SUFFERING!!!

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