Organizational Sunday Week #25 – Outdoor Toys

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Heather says:

In most of the country, school is out or soon will be out for the summer. Unlike January where everyone is adding layers, mittens, and coats, now we’re applying sunscreen and bug spray.

Today’s mission:

Find a place for all of your: “We’re heading into the great outdoors” necessities. Your kids think the toys are necessities, but there are a few other things that come in very handy.

Locate all of your sunscreen and insect repellant, check and dispose of expired products. Make a list of what needs back-ups or replacements.

School is out and it's time to play outside. Time to organize the outdoor toys and gear.

Do you have a first aid kit? Someone is going to skin their knee at the worst time. Make sure you have a kit in the car and at least small one in the beach / pool bag.

All of our kids (4) have their own water bottles for the beach / pool. It gets very hot here and even in the water it’s easy to get dehydrated. Each kid keeps track —mostly, there is some serious nagging— of their own color. This helps us narrow down which kid left it where.

And don’t forget to look for and dispose of any broken sand, water and pool toys, recycle what you can.

organization challenges
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A tote or outdoor toy box works great for summer gear and toys. Make it easy to access even if it’s not the prettiest thing to look at. That way there is hope that the kids will at least put some of the toys back in the box instead of all over the yard.

I love to use a drawer for winter things that is accessible all year long. Whenever I find a stray glove or hat I throw them in the drawer. Gloves seem to show up in crazy places in the middle of summer! Hopefully, by throwing them in a drawer, the kids can find a matching pair when it’s time to go sledding. If not – at least they can find one for each hand.

Do you have a great place to store your winter things from winter and your outdoor toys for summer? Leave a comment and let us know!

Good luck!

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1 thought on “Organizational Sunday Week #25 – Outdoor Toys”

  1. Got this one done, though it was simplified by the fact that we buy fresh sunscreen and bug repellants at the start of each summer. (I’ve been told sunscreen loses its effectiveness as it ages.) And we already have multiple first aid kits including one in the car that has instructions on things like “how to put someone’s arm in a sling” and other first aid-y things.


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