Outdoor Lighting Fixture, Cleaning Instruction Clarification

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Dear Home-Ec 101,
My husband bought two outside titanium lights that are brass finished from Patriot Lighting. The instructions say to clean the fixture once or twice a month using diluted bleach cleaner, then wait for one minute, then wipe off with cellulose sponges, then clean with wet cloth.  Can you simplify this for me? Does this mean use only bleach or some other cleaner? Thank you.
I just want to see where I’m going.

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Heather says:

I spent a little while trying to find the specific manufacturer to check their FAQ or customer service contact info. After some intense Googling all I found was a company with a mildly frustrated footnote saying they are NOT the manufacturer of your product. (I feel sorry for those guys, they must hear from consumers a lot). Awesome. Since manufacturer instructions are not available we’re going to apply a little common sense and hope for the best.

Metals and finishes frequently react with cleaning agents and chlorine bleach can act as a corrosive agent with some metals. The manufacturer instructions is recommend you use an alkaline cleaner, followed by a rinse. Alkaline refers to solutions with a high pH, alkaline cleaners typically have bleach in their ingredients. Do not mix cleaning agents. The manufacturer didn’t specify a product so dilute bleach or a commercial cleaner with dilute bleach as a base will work just fine for your purposes.

The relatively high pH of the cleaning solution will help remove mineral deposits left by rainfall and exposure to the elements. Rinsing stops any potential chemical reaction from continuing and possibly damaging the finish.

Psst – When all else fails buy a new brass porch light.

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The manufacturer’s suggested cleaning frequency is to to prevent a buildup of deposits from occurring that could become difficult to remove or even cause damage to the finish.

Good luck and enjoy your new lighting.

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