Organzational Sunday Week #2

Heather says

If Home-Ec 101 were a magazine, there would be a photo gallery of entryway tables and adorable mail sorters with chalkboards to write your inspirational quotes on.

I’m not that person. If you are, I probably drool over your inspirational Pinterest pictures. 

 I’ve also lived in apartments with no foyer, just hello, welcome to the living room.

Home-Ec 101 isn’t a magazine, it’s a site written by a person who has a track record of being scattered and generally disorganized.

I have been getting better by setting myself up for success. 

When I walk in the door I hang my keys and put my purse in a specific spot. This prevents the frazzled, hectic, where is my [x] that is on top of the usual mess that is getting four kids out the door. If I’m being honest, it was hectic getting out of the door even before I had kids to blame it on.

organize entryway

Your mission this week:

Identify what can you do when you walk into your home that will simplify your life when you leave.

organization challenges

Click the picture for the list of challenges

If you have an entry table or mail sorter filled with bills, keys, and other things, clear it.

Wipe your slate clean.

Simply paying attention each time you walk in the door will reduce the stress the next time you walk out.

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  1. canadian_sadie on January 12, 2016 at 10:08 pm

    My life got so much better when I bought an old lobby-ashtray (you know, the kind they used to have in banks and movie theatres back in the dark ages) to put next to the front door. It doesn’t take up much space, and is the perfect place for us to drop our keys as we come in. Once I eliminated that mad scramble of ‘Where are the dratted keys!!!!???!!!” every morning, I was able to tag on other, arguably more important habits too. Life got better having a place for the keys. Who’da thunk it?

    • Heather Solos on January 13, 2016 at 6:37 am

      It is amazing how that one little success can prevent the frazzle spiral. Also, a lobby ashtray? That is a fabulous idea!

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