Organizational Week 4

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Heather says:

The scope of this week’s challenge will depend on your time and energy level. Today, starting with your own closet hang everything in it neatly. This sounds simple, but as you go through and hang items, immediately put those you no longer need or want in your donation box (from week 1).

organize clothes closet

If you want to go the extra mile, instead of hanging your items normally, hook the hangers from the far side of the rod. As you wear your clothing during the year, hang them normally. In a year, as the challenge comes back around you’ll get rid of anything that you didn’t wear.

If the clothing is in decent condition, donate it to your favorite charity, if it’s in poor condition, look for clothing recycling to get rid of your items.

If you’re feeling ambitious tackle (or assign if age appropriate) the closets of other family members. If you’re not up to the task tackle one closet a week, until you’re through.

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2 thoughts on “Organizational Week 4”

  1. I managed to get the clothes gone through for my husband & myself. I discovered that the pile of shirts on my husband’s side was actually his “take to the dry cleaners” pile. I took it out to ask him about & have him try them on in case they didn’t fit; he looked at them & went “Oh, that’s my dry cleaning pile” & tossed them back onto the closet floor…

    • I think we all have those places in our homes where our “systems” don’t necessarily match someone else’s. As long as the other person isn’t intentionally being a jerk about it, sometimes all we can do is laugh?


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